Let’s talk rock! Nicky’s ‘Rock-tionary’

You know how much I love my rock music. It can’t have escaped your notice that rock totally makes my world go round. Just recently, I’ve noticed that rock is also colouring my language every which way. Now, I need to be absolutely clear on this—this isn’t how rock stars speak. Not at all. Totally not. No rock star would ever say, ‘rock on.’ I have it on authority that this is nothing but a cliché. So rock language is just how I speak. It’s wannabe-rock-star speak, if you like. And I can’t help it. Here goes.

You rock! — Thanks so much for everything you’ve done, you’re amazing.

You’re a rock star! — I couldn’t have done this without you. Please keep doing what you’re doing!

Rock on! — (1) Keep going, my friend. (2) Don’t give up! (3) Turn up the music really loud.

Let’s rock ‘n’ roll! — Let’s do this! Let’s get moving.

Let’s rock! — Get to it, quick!

That totally rocks! — That is absolutely the best thing in the world, ever.

This rocks my world! — This totally floats my boat.

Rock me! — Uhm. Let’s just say… bedroom talk.

Sex, drums and rock ‘n’ roll — Everything and the kitchen sink. The whole shebang.

Rock up to somewhere — To arrive in style and with some fanfare. “We rocked up to the restaurant…”

You totally rocked it! — You aced it, you did well.

You totally rock that look! — This look (dress, outfit, makeup) is great for you!

Have a rocking day! — Wishing you a great and truly awesome day!

And here’s some real rock speak supplied by my Nashville source:

Horns up!—raising the arms with metal fingers! Means ‘let’s go!’

Rock and roll!—Similar to “Let’s rock and roll”, so it can mean that, or sort of “what ever”

Mars Bar!—when a hot girl walks by. Harkens back to the Mick Jagger Mars Bar legend. A coded way of saying “I’d do her.” (Obviously I’d have to modify this for my own personal circumstances to signify a hot rock star walking by… I’d totally do… well. I guess you get the idea!)

*Nicky takes a deep breath.* There, that’s it for now. How’s that for rock speak? Now it’s your turn. I challenge you to add to my rock-tionary. Go on, don’t be shy. Let’s rock!



2 thoughts on “Let’s talk rock! Nicky’s ‘Rock-tionary’

  1. Aww Kirsty, you’re a total rock star! Rock on! Thanks for having me–your blog is totally rocking and rolling!

    LOL–sorry, couldn’t help myself! But seriously: I’m honoured to be here. Hope your readers enjoy meeting me too. 🙂

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