Today I am SUPER excited to welcome Paige Toon to The Love of a Good Book.
As part of the blog tour for Thirteen Weddings I get to share with you this incredible opportunity!

A big thank you to Paige and Dawn and Simon & Schuster!


Thirteen Weddings, is about a wedding photographer called Bronte who falls in love with a groom, actually featured the name of a real-life wedding photographer. Her name is Lina Orsino (, and in the book, I wrote that she taught Bronte’s boss everything she knows.

In truth, Lina shared so much of her incredible knowledge about wedding photography, weddings and photography, that I would have been lost without her. She even gave me the line: ‘Always the wedding photographer, never the bride’, which featured on the front of the book. (Please note that since then, Lina has got engaged to her partner Tom, so this sentence will soon be false!)

The most amazing thing about all of this, is that I met Lina after she’d won a local Cambridgeshire charity auction to win her name in my next book. She’d read a few of my novels and thought it might be a laugh, so how freaked out were we both to find out that my next book was set to be about a wedding photographer? Of all the professions in the world to have, or to want to write about… Talk about a coincidence.

Now, I’m not expecting the entrants for THIS competition to have the knowledge to help me with my next heroine’s job – in truth, I don’t even know what she does, yet. And in actual fact, she’s just been made redundant… But you never know. Your name will feature in my book nevertheless, probably just in passing, because I feel it’s too much responsibility to write a real person’s character into a fictional book – I’d be too worried about getting it wrong. But it will be fun to read it and show it to your pals, and I’ll also sign and send you a copy of the book when it comes out in May 2015.

Enter by telling me which of my books is your favourite and tweeting it to me @PaigeToonAuthor with the hashtag: #winyournameinmybook. Or if you’re not on Twitter, send it to me at – and if you’re not on Twitter OR Facebook, do you live on the moon? Just kidding, email me at The winner will be selected at random. The favourite book thing is just because I’m curious 😉

Can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. Sign up to my book club, ‘The Hidden Paige’, at for free short stories, competitions and the chance to find out more about me and my characters and what we’re all up to.



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