Thornfield Hall by Jane Stubbs


The Rochesters are very good at keeping secrets…Thornfield Hall, 1821. Alice Fairfax takes up her role as housekeeper of the estate. But when Mr Rochester presents her with a woman who is to be hidden on the third floor, she finds herself responsible for much more than the house. This is the story Jane Eyre never knew – a narrative played out on the third floor and beneath the stairs, as the servants kept their master’s secret safe and sound.


Thank you to Alison at Atlantic Books for sending me a copy to review.

My Thoughts:

Having never read Jane Eyre, I delved into Thornfield Hall with a fresh perspective.

What I found within the pages was a beautifully told story that left me enchanted and eager to read the classic which inspired this story.

Thornfield Hall whisked me away to the Victorian Era to discover the story of Jane Eyre told from the perspective of those downstairs!

Within this truly fascinating story is s lovely mix of characters:
We have the fair but strong housekeeper Alice Fairfax, who is a lady in every sense. Her ability to look at things from all sides, shows she is the right woman for the job.

There is old John who looked after the horses, he saw and understood a lot more than his master knew.

But like with all books there tends to be a character whom you favour the most and for me, that was Bertha.
Bertha was clearly misunderstood and the way her character evolved made for some lovely reading,

A truly wonderful read from beginning to end!


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