Lifestyle & Beauty: Skincare

Looking after my skin has been a big part of my daily routine for years and although the fundamentals haven’t changed the brands have.

I have sensitive combination skin that was prone to dry areas. But then I discovered the best routine to help nourish and protect my skin.

Twice a week:

I use a facial scrub, I go for ones that state they are microdermabrasion because I prefer not to scrub my skin daily and find these ones don’t need to be used as often! 

My Daily Routine:

After splashing my face with cold water, I use a Johnsons baby wipe (for sensitive skin) to clean my face, then I use the most amazing replenishing oil Youthful by No7

This oil is a blessing to anyone who suffers with dry combination skin, 2-3 drops on the skin help to add moisture and leave the skin looking dewy. Although it comes in at the medium price range of £23, this 30ml bottle will last ages and is worth every penny.

After applying my oil, I then use a moisturiser with a SPF/UV factor. I’ve always made sure my moisturiser has an SPF & UV rating because I like to think I am helping my skin fight the weather elements that can damage it. But now with using the oil, this SPF is even more valuable (especially when the sun decides to make an appearance) 

My current moisturiser is Beautiful Skin Day Cream by No7, I use the one created for Normal/Dry Skin but the fantastic thing about this range is the extensive combinations that they cater for. I rub this in using circular motions because this will help to drain toxins and avoid the bacteria that builds up into spots!

 Beautiful Skin So that’s my skincare regime, what’s your? 

You can currently find 3for2 on No7 at all Boots stores and online! 


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