From Liverpool with Love by Lyn Andrews 

 From Liverpool With Love 
Little Jane Shaw and her brother Alfie know more than children should about the tougher side of life. After their father’s tragic death, the Brownlow Hill Workhouse in the heart of Liverpool’s slums is the only refuge their mam Ellen has. When Ellen also dies, the youngsters have only each other to depend on.Jane’s opportunity to make good comes when she gets a job in the Empire Laundry and is given a home by her mother’s old friend Ada Ellis, whose son Joe Jane has been fond of since childhood. When Joe breaks her heart, Jane throws herself into her work, and soon she’s noticed by the owner of the laundry, James Davenport. Alfie’s a constant worry to her, though. Drawn into criminal activity by the promise of easy pickings, he’s on a dangerous path.

Can Jane forget Joe and find with James the kind of happiness an orphaned girl dreams of? What will become of Alfie, who seems hell bent on a criminal career, and whose plans come to threaten his sister’s future? 

Thank you to Bookbridgr for sending me a copy to review! 

Lyn Andrews has penned a fabulously riveting story that allows you to see the characters journey from childhood to adulthood which adds something truly precious to the story, the ability to watch the characters evolve with both age and wisdom.

Andrews has a way with words that allows you to feel as though you are experiencing the journey outside of the pages.

I attempted to read this book slowly in the hopes of holding onto their journey for longer but every time I put the book down it demanded I pick it back up.
The fact was the characters wouldn’t allow me to leave them mid chapter.
Jane was a wonderful character, I loved the way that she turned her whole life around and the strength that she showed in doing so.

But as with most books there was a character that I didn’t like and this time it was Alfie, I found myself wanting him to disappear.

This is a truly captivating read for the summer season and beyond.


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