Product Review: I like your Case-mate 

I like my mobile phone to be protected but I do also like it to look pretty.

Over the years I have used many different phone covers and styles but I find myself always returning to one particular brand.

Case-mate phone covers come in an extensive range and have something to suit everyone. 

They are offer TOUGH cases, BARELY THERE cases, FOLIO cases and BRILLIANCE cases to name but a few.

Today however I am going to talk to you about the Champagne GLAM case:

 Firstly the packaging of this product is very pretty and would make a great gift. Once into the box the case can be found in two parts. Place your phone onto the back plate and then clip the bumper around the edges, make sure the sides are sealed and voila.

The case itself feels great to touch with its smooth finish and sparkly exterior, this really is a beautiful phone case that will protect your phone.

It has a raised front and back which means that neither the screen nor camera will hit anything on impact, the case itself will take the brunt and the raised back means when lay flat the camera does not come in contact with the surface. Despite the fact that it is raised it does not add a lot of bulk or weight to the phone and allows the phone to look super pretty whilst being protected from scratches and falls. 

I am really hoping that Case-mate will do a rose gold case soon to match my soon to arrive new phone.



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