A meetcute of sorts with Katey Lovell

Today I am super excited to welcome author Katey Lovell to the Love of a Good Book:

Katey Lovell is fanatical about words. An avid reader, writer and poet, she once auditioned for Countdown and still tapes the show every night. Getting the conundrum before the contestants is her ultimate thrill.

She loves love and strives to write feel-good romance that’ll make you laugh and cry in equal measure. 
Originally from South Wales, Katey now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and their seven year old son.

Can you describe the Meet Cute series in one sentence?I’ve always said they’re short and sweet romantic reads to warm your heart – the ‘once upon a time’ before the ‘happily ever after’.

If you could choose one of your characters to spend the day with, who would it be and why? 

Ooh, this is a tough one. Of the characters in these first three stories I’d say I’d like to spend the day with Jade from The Boy in the Bookshop. She’s quite an introvert but loves to express herself through her style – plus, she adores books. 

Can you share with us one of your favourite quotes from The Boy at the Beach, the second part of the Meet Cute series? 

It’s only one line, but it’s the pivotal part of Toby and Lauren’s story.

‘And with every email I knew. I was falling for him, even though I didn’t know him.’ 

What’s next for Meet Cute? 

The first three stories ‘The Boy in the Bookshop’, ‘The Boy at the Beach’ and ‘The Boy at the Bakery’ are kicking off the series, one a week for three consecutive weeks. And without giving too much away, there’s more to come soon!

What’s your writing routine? 

When I was writing The Meet Cute stories there was no routine. I honestly didn’t know if anyone would publish them, so I wrote without planning – I had a title and just started typing to see where the story took me. I’ve been working on longer projects since and generally write a blurb or synopsis first, because I find it helps me get everything straight in my mind. And a Pinterest board is a must! When I’m actively working on something I try and write 5,000 words a week, normally on weekday afternoons as that fits around my day job, family and other commitments.

You are trapped in a book shop (isn’t that living the dream), which section will we find you in and with whose book in hand? 

Being honest, I could be anywhere! However, either the adult fiction section (where I’d most likely be browsing for romance) or the young adult section would be a good place to start. I’d probably have books by Rowan Coleman and Erin Lawless in my hand.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

In terms of writing and getting published, I’d say the best advice was to treat it like a job. Protect your writing time and keep going. In terms of life, it’d be to be true to myself. 

Name one of your favourite places in the world? 

I’m lucky to have been to some wonderful places, but of everywhere I’ve been I adored Florence. It was the most gorgeous and inspirational city – I actually wrote quite a lot when I was there, even though I’d said I’d take the holiday as a break from writing. And seeing the statue of David was absolutely mindblowing.

Meet Cute is being given its own cocktail, what are the ingredients?

It would need to be short and sweet – maybe peach schnapps, pineapple juice and a cherry on the top!

Quick fire:
One Direction or Take That? – Argh! For the years I’ve loved them, Take That

Cheese or Cheesecake? – Cheesecake!

Tea or Coffee? – Tea, but I’d prefer a hot chocolate if there’s one going

Apple or Android? – Android

Dog or Cat? – Both! But I only have a cat

The Boy Under The Mistletoe is the fourth part of the Meet Cute series and will be published on the 17th of December  


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