The places that gave me inspiration for Me, You and Tiramisu by Charlotte Butterfield 

Today I am delighted to welcome debut other Charlotte Butterfield to The Love of a Good Book!

Twenty years ago I was perched on a bar stool of a tiny wine bar down a cobbled side street in Richmond. Just around the corner were the well-known chain bars with their shiny surfaces, laminated menus, fancy beers and a gorgeous clientele. The bar that I was in had a flamboyant, overweight, middle-aged, gay landlord, an eighty year old lothario that persisted in chatting me up, even though at the time I was six decades younger, two glamorous widows who only drank champagne, a retired film director who ‘discovered’ Elizabeth Taylor and Joseph Fiennes always sat on the battered leather Chesterfield. I’m not kidding, Mr Fiennes was part of this motley crew of regulars. I remember drinking this scene in and thinking that this bar, and these wonderfully eclectic cast of characters would make a great novel, and I couldn’t help myself set Me, You and Tiramisu in Richmond and make this bar the location for Jayne and Will’s magical first date.​I like to think of Will’s deli as like the wine bar in my memory, filled with weird and wonderful locals that pop in every day for a chat and a tub of sundried tomatoes. Soon after leaving Richmond I lived in Bristol and now Dubai, and although I love the fast pace of city life, I do yearn for that fabulous community feel and those evenings spent not trying to fall off the ridiculously narrow bar stool at Magnum’s wine bar in Richmond.
​The South Devon part of my story came from summer holidays spent in Torquay. Every year for about ten years we packed up our Volvo and headed down to the enticingly named English Riviera for a couple of weeks in a caravan (nothing fosters a sense of family unity like cramming a family of five into the space of an airing cupboard and forcing them to play snap for fourteen days while it pours down outside). We had pick n mix at the Pavilion, had our portraits painted and even played the 2p slot machines. So when I was creating a back-story for Jayne and Rachel I remembered my summers and loved reminiscing while writing about them. I just wish I had a bag of pick n mix by my side as I did!

About Me, You and Tiramisu

The love story of the year!

Fall in love with the perfect feel-good romance for fans of Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell and Carole Matthews.
It all started with a table for two…

Life for self-confessed bookworm Jayne Brady couldn’t be better – she has a twin sister she adores, a cosy little flat above a deli and now she’s found love with her childhood crush, gorgeous chef Will.

But when Will becomes a Youtube sensation, thanks to his delicious cookery demos (both the food and his smile!), their life of contentment come crashing down around them. Can Jayne have her Tiramisu and eat it?

Buy the book: Amazon

Former magazine editor Charlotte Butterfield was born in Bristol in 1977. She studied English at Royal Holloway University and an MPhil in Gender and Women’s Studies at Birmingham University before becoming a journalist and copywriter. She moved to Dubai in 2005 and lives with her husband and three children 


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