Mistletoe on 34th Street by Lisa Dickenson 

Olivia has never experienced a snow-covered, ‘traditional’ Christmas before. Having grown up in a family that chose winter sun over decking the halls, she’s not sure what all the fuss is about. So when she and her colleagues are stranded in New York after a work trip, Olivia is perfectly happy spending the holiday season in the Big Apple.

Jon, Olivia’s friend, on the other hand is desperate to get home in time for his big family get-together. Nevertheless, determined to make the best out of the situation, he sets out to show Olivia how enchanting Christmas in New York can be. And when handsome New Yorker Elijah is added to the mix, could the magic of the season finally be working its charm on Olivia? As 25 December draws closer, Olivia suddenly finds herself with a decision to make: who does she really want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Full of romance and festive magic, Mistletoe on 34th Street is the funniest and most charming love story you will read this Christmas!

Mistletoe on 34th Street encapsulates the spirit of Christmas in one of the most festive stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. 

Olivia our main protagonist finds herself in New York over the festive period, but where others would find themselves sharing in the celebrations around them Olivia is numb to Christmas and the magic that surrounds it. That is until her friend Jon takes it up on himself to show her just what the magic of New York at Christmastime can do….

As with everything that Lisa Dickenson writes this story is both heartwarming and witty. In fact I defy anyone not to read this and laugh out loud! 

From the very first page I was pulled imagination first into a story that I never wanted to leave. Thanks to the descriptiveness that Dickenson writes with I found myself walking the streets of New York and longing to kiss Jon under the mistletoe. This book has made my need to visit New York even stronger. 

I adore the characters in this book and love the strong female characters that always feature within Dickenson’s novels, women who have strong friendships and don’t need a man to fulfill their dreams. To sum it up… this book has everything and you need it in your life! 


Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan 

Skylar Tempest has never understood Alec Hunter’s appeal. So what if he’s a world-renowned historian? He’s also cynical, aloof and determined to think the worst of her. So when a twist of fate finds her spending the lead-up to Christmas with Alec and his family, she’s not expecting the season to be either merry or bright.

Alec has learned the hard way not to trust beautiful women—and Skylar is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But as he watches her throw herself into his family’s festive chaos, Alec realises there is far more to this blonde bombshell than meets the eye.

With Christmas around the corner, Alec and Skylar return to Puffin Island, a tentative bond forged between them. Neither intends to fall in love but as the nights become darker, and the fire between them grows hotter, could this be the chance for Alec and Skylar to find their own happy ending?


A huge thank you to Cara at MIRA for sending me a copy to review! 

Please will someone give Sarah Morgan a laptop that brings everything she writes to life, I NEED to go to Puffin Island and find me one of these incredible HOT men that she creates!

In the third instalment of the Puffin Island trilogy we find ourselves discovering the story of Skylar Tempest and Alec Hunter …

Skylar is a successful artist striving for recognition from her family. Alec is a famous historian who is known as Shipwreck Hunter, he is loved by thousands (including me) and has a wonderfully supportive family.

Alec and Skylar have crossed paths before thanks to their mutual friends and love of Puffin Island but when Skylar finds herself in a moment of trouble it is Alec who comes to her rescue!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, it is a wonderfully magical Christmas story that will leave you with the warmest of glows!

If you’ve read the previous two books in the trilogy then like myself you will love being reunited with people who feel like old friends and if you haven’t read the others then don’t worry because this would be a perfect read as a standalone (although I would recommend EVERYTHING that Sarah Morgan has ever wrote) 

In fact you need to read this book to discover Alec, he is gorgeous, loving and absolutely wonderful *swoons* and Skylar is a superbly sassy character.

This trilogy is packed full of friendship, love and chemistry that sizzles on the page, it is practically perfect in every way! 


Twelve Dates of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson (full novel) 

At thirty, Claudia’s life is stale and the romance with long-term boyfriend, Seth, has disappeared. Determined to inject some festive spark back into their love life, Claudia and Seth go on their first date in a very long time. But when the night ends in disaster, Claudia suddenly finds herself facing life – and Christmas – alone.

Life alone is exciting, scary and full of soon-forgotten exercise regimes and ill-advised attempts at crafting sexy underwear. It’s also filling up with dates, surprisingly. With best friends Penny and Nick at her side, a surplus of festive markets, mulled wine and Christmas tunes, Claudia attempts to face all this change with gusto. One thing’s for certain: this year, Christmas is going to be very different . . .

This is the story of Claudia and her twelve dates of Christmas. Hilarious, uplifting and romantic, it’s a story about losing love, finding love, and discovering what’s been there all along. Expect Christmas sparkle, butterflies-in-your-stomach romance and a lot of very funny moments in The Twelve Dates of Christmas. 


A big thank you to Clara for sending me a copy of the full novel!

Over the course of several days I’ve ensconced myself in the world of ‘The Twelve Dates of Christmas’ 

This fabulous story has taken over my life, I’ve compared every man to Nick and wanted to be Claudia so that I could experience some of the beautiful dates that she has been on.

‘The Twelve Dates of Christmas’ tells the story of Claudia as she suddenly finds herself single in the run up to Christmas.But with fantastic support from best friends Penny and Nick, Claudia starts getting back out there and her living life.


Lisa Dickenson has made the magic of Christmas jump from the pages.

With a witty and wonderful writing style, I found myself laughing out loud and envious of the beautifully descriptive dates.

What I love about Claudia is how relatable she is, like Claudia, I often over think everything and I’m prone to bad dates (I once met a man who was shorter than the bar stool I was sat on and when I turned round to see who had said hello, I overlooked him completely)

I think every reader can relate to bad dates, awkward conversations and the spark not being there, so for me it was great to discover a character who shares these experiences, someone you want to have a happy ending!

Now I’ve told you what I love about Claudia but the character I LOVED and I mean grab your mistletoe kind of love, was Nick.

I hope, pray, wish that this man is real! Not only is he gorgeous, toned and genuinely lovely, but the man LOVES CHRISTMAS! He didn’t just make it magical for Claudia, he made it magical for me and everyone who reads this book. I long to go Ice skating, choir singing and see what is under his Christmas jumper! 

When you look at the wonderful Nick and compare him to Claudia’s ex Seth, Seth looks even more of a low life than he already is. I absolutely despise Seth, I could almost picture him green faced and snarling.

I really hope that Lisa lets us catch up with the characters, I pine for more Nick, I want Claudia to have adventures. For Penny and Billy to have their stories told. And I need more Christine and Joe, they are hilarious when they get together! 

I can’t recommend these stories enough, everyone needs to read it.
But remember ladies and gents, NICK IS MINE!


Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin

A huge thank you to Kim at Bookouture for sending me a copy to review! 


Christmas isn’t far away and to help build the excitement of the festive season Holly Martin has penned a beautiful story that will bring the magic of the festive season to life and leave you with a wonderful winter glow.

This is one of those stories that allows your imagination to fall in love and believe in everything that christmas promises and so much more.

Within this beautiful picturesque cover is a story set in the idyllic White Cliff Bay and this story is about:

Penny Meadows loves her home – a cosy cottage decorated with pretty twinkling fairy lights and stunning views over the town of White Cliff Bay. She also loves her job as an ice-carver, creating breathtaking sculptures. Yet her personal life seems frozen.

When Henry and daughter Daisy arrive at the cottage to rent the annex, Penny is determined to make them feel welcome. But while Daisy is friendly, Henry seems guarded.

As Penny gets to know Henry, she realises there is more to him than meets the eye. And the connection between them is too strong to ignore …

While the spirit of the season sprinkles its magic over the seaside town and preparations for the ice sculpting competition and Christmas eve ball are in full swing, can Penny melt the ice and allow love in her heart? And will this finally be the perfect Christmas she’s been dreaming of?

I loved everything about this story from the wonderful setting to the absolutely incredible characters.

Penny is a remarkable character who has carved herself a wonderful life and is just missing someone to share it with it. This is the thing that I love most about the heroines in Holly Martin’s books, they don’t need a man in their life to make it successful they just want a man to add to the life they have built for themselves and it would have to be someone extremely special.

Which is where the swoon worthy hulking mass of manliness Henry comes in.(For the record Santa, this is the type of man I want for Christmas this year)

Yes Henry is slightly brooding and can be sulky at times but this man is an amazing father to his daughter Daisy and I defy anyone not to fall in love with him. Henry has hidden depths and if you fall in love with him instantly (like I did) then by the end of the book you find yourself wishing that you could jump head first into the pages and close the cover so that no one can steal your man!

But as much as I instantly loved Henry and could see instantly why Penny would be attracted to this man, it was Henry’s relationship with his daughter that made my heart swell with LOVE and honestly it is this aspect of the story that is one of my absolute favourite things about this book in fact I would say that this father and daughter relationship is the best family dynamic I have ever read. Henry and Daisy have such a wonderful bond and it makes for some beautiful reading as you discover why they are so close. 

Allow Holly Martin into your home this festive season and open your heart to the warmth and magic of White Cliff Bay in Christmas at Lilac Cottage.


Christmas for One by Amanda Prowse


As a child, Meg always dreamed of the perfect Christmas…

This year, she can make it come true for her own little boy. There will be turkey and all the trimmings, a glittering tree, and a stocking hung up by a roaring fire. Who cares if there’s no devoted husband in the picture? She and Lucas will be just fine on their own.

But then a chance meeting with a stranger in New York unravels everything she’s planned. Will Meg finally get everything she wished for? Or will she be alone this Christmas after all?


A big thank you to Rosie from Midas PR

My Thoughts:

With Christmas looming, Meg is dreaming of the family Christmas she longed for as a child.
But then a business trip to New York brings a handsome gentleman into her life, will Meg be getting love for Christmas?

Christmas for One reunites us with Meg and her son Lucas from A Little Love and I would like to say that although I read this as a follow on, it could easily be read as a standalone.

Meg is a fantastic character, she herself experienced a troubled upbringing which is explored as she reminisces within the story.
But now her goal is to make sure that son Lucas will have the upbringing that Meg longed for and with the help of the Plums, she’s already on the right path.

It was magical being back at Plums and finding Milly playing with Lucas, whilst the wonderful pastries were being created in the store below them.

I have always rooted for Meg and throughout both books I’ve wanted her to find happiness, so it was with great excitement that I discovered Edd and oh what a delicious discovery he was.

With the romantic setting of New York at Christmas, we find ourselves pulled into a romance, but with a few snowballs thrown along the way, because Amanda Prowse has delved into some tough issues and as with all her books she has dealt with them in a way that leaves you in awe.

Prowse has quickly became a favourite author of mine, the emotions that imbed themselves within the pages always have me longing for her characters happiness.

This Christmas allow Amanda Prowse to warm your heart with the beautiful story that is Christmas for One.

The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown


Heartbroken after being jilted at the altar, Sybil has been saved from despair by her knitting obsession and now her home is filled to bursting with tea cosies, bobble hats, and jumpers. But, after discovering that she may have perpetrated the cock-up of the century at work, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and, just weeks before Christmas, runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale.

There, Sybil discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, an emporium dedicated to the world of knitting and needle craft. But Hettie, the outspoken octogenarian owner, is struggling and now the shop is due for closure. And when Hettie decides that Sybil’s wonderfully wacky Christmas jumpers are just the thing to add a bit of excitement to her window display, something miraculous starts to happen…


Thank you to Jaime at Harper Collins for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts:

I am a huge fan of Alexandra Brown and the Carrington’s series, so it was with much excitement that I delved into The Great Christmas Knit Off.

Sybil is heartbroken, left at the alter by the man she loved and humiliated in front of her loved ones, she decides to pack her bags and go visit her friend Cher in Tinderdale.
As Sybil arrives in Tinderdale she starts knitting a new life for herself…..

Tinderdale sounds like a wonderfully picturesque village, with a loving and comforting community you can’t help but want it to be real and for the characters within to come to life.

Sybil has a heart of gold, she is genuinely lovely with no side to her. I loved the way Sybil felt like a friend throughout the story.
I am glad that she has great people around her, like Cher (who happened to make me smile instantly since she is a crossover character from Carrington’s) and the wonderful Hettie, who is fiercely private but always there with a helping hand.
Then we have the loving and slightly shy village doctor, Ben. Oh I loved Ben so much.

Every page of this story was wonderful and with the characters you get to experience all their hopes, dreams and sadness.
There are some truly memorable moments within this book and one of my favourites is on page 338.

Alexandra Brown has done it again, through the gentle weaving of her words and the threads of her characters lives, you find yourself lost within the patterning of these wonderful pages.

The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts


When Kiley Gray discovers an enchanting snow globe in an antique shop, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. For years, the snow globe has passed from generation to generation, somehow always landing in the hands of a person in special need of a Christmas miracle. Kiley could use a miracle herself. This year, all she wants for Christmas is someone to love. A hopeful shake leads her on an adventure that makes a believer out of her. At Christmastime, sometimes the impossible becomes possible and miracles really do come true.


Thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts:

Kiley Gray has lost herself, recently single and unemployed she’s finding it hard to see the joy of Christmas, but when she discovers a snow globe in an antiques shop, Kiley finds the image within guiding her.
As the story evolves we follow the globe as it guides not just Kiley but her two best friends as well.

Kiley is missing true love, Suzanne is a workaholic and wants her family to have all the luxurious items she longed for as a child and Allison is missing a loved one at Christmas.
As each of the friends take it in turns with the snow globe, we see their lives begin to change…..

Sheila Roberts allows you to get lost In a story that proves Christmas isn’t about the gifts and the amount of food we can consume, it’s about sharing it with loved ones and making memories, for the three women who experience the magic of the snow globe, the true spirit of the festive period is shown.

The thing that made this story extra special for me, was the fact that only the women themselves saw their true desires within the globe, to everyone looking in it was just the normal picturesque scene.
The globe captures the unique hopes and dreams of the person holding it!

I loved all of the characters and found it great how each of the women reacted to the globe, there was easy believer Kiley, cynical Suzanne and always hopeful Allison.

The Snow Globe is a heartwarming story that restores the hope and magic of the festive season.

I’ll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson


When Brooklyn bookstore owner Bea James is let down once too often by her unreliable boyfriend Otis, she swears off relationships for good. Determined to focus on her successful business and otherwise happy life in New York instead, she believes she has made the right decision.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Manhattan, psychiatrist Jake Steinmann is nursing a broken heart after his beautiful wife Jessica files for divorce. Rebuilding his life back in New York, he throws himself into work and re-establishing his relationship with older brother, Ed.

Unexpectedly thrown together at an engagement party where they are the only two singles, Bea and Jake bond over their love of New York and dislike of relationships – a conversation that ends with a Pact to never get involved with anyone ever again.

But the City has other plans…


A big thank you to Olivia at LightBrigade for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts:

There’s something magical about picking up a book by Miranda Dickinson, I can’t quite describe the feeling that comes as you lose yourself with the pages and find yourself enchanted by her words.

I’ll Take New York follows Bea and Jake two people who are experiencing heartbreak and the sense of self discovery.
When a chance encounter means that Bea and Jake are introduced, the duo decide to make a pact, neither will embark on a relationship ever again.
But what happens when the person you made the pact with, is the person you feel you couldn’t live without?

I LOVE THIS STORY, I love the way I fell in love with New York through the characters,
I loved the fact that Bea ran a book store and treated books with the love and care they deserve. I love Jake and everything about him.
I love being reunited with Rosie, Ed and the gang at Kawolski’s, I loved the glimpse we got of Harri and her life with Alex.
I loved the books that Bea’s grandmother sends her and the little book mice that visit.

Bea is wonderful, I found myself drawn to her like a kindred spirit.
Her passion for books and New York was felt throughout and I loved the relationship she has with her brother.
Someone else who has a wonderful relationship with their brother, is Jake, handsome, sensitive, loving Jake. I instantly loved Jake and it’s obvious he has good genes.
I admired Jake for being able to put his heartbreak on hold and share in the happiness of Rosie and Ed’s relationship,
I cannot express my love for this book enough!

Miranda Dickinson has always managed to create stories that real people will relate to, with characters who you will fall in love with.
From the first page of her debut novel, Fairytale of New York, I knew I had discovered someone who pours emotion into their words, someone who will show you through the pages that everyday problems happen to us all, but most of all someone who will inspire you by the strength and determination of the characters they write about.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, I’ve already got copies on pre order ready for Christmas, give the gift of happiness and discovery this year, give the gift of I’ll Take New York

The Reluctant Elf by Michele Gorman


Single mother and extremely undomestic goddess, Lottie, has five days to become the ultimate B&B hostess to save her beloved Aunt Kate’s livelihood.

When Aunt Kate ends up in the hospital, Lottie and her seven-year-old daughter are called to rural Wales to stand in at the B&B. Without the faintest idea how to run a hotel (she can barely run her own life), Lottie must impress the picky hotel reviewer and his dysfunctional family who are coming to stay over Christmas. Without the rating only he can bestow, Aunt Kate will lose her livelihood.

But will Danny, the local taxi driver who she hires to help her, really be Santa’s little helper, or the Grinch who stole Christmas?

THE RELUCTANT ELF is available now on Amazon.
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1uDYLYr
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1tk99ip


Thank you to Notting Hill Press for sending me a copy to review

My Thoughts

This is a wonderfully eventful festive novella that will have you turning the pages eager to discover more.

We follow the story of Londoner Lottie and her seven year old daughter Mabel who just days before Christmas, receive a call to inform them that their Aunt Kate has been in an accident, which has left her in intensive care.
Rushing to her bedside in Wales, Lottie finds that it’s not just her Aunt who is in need of tender loving care, but Kate’s B&B also needs help.
Throw into the mix, a hotel reviewer, his family and a taxi driver who is about to turn into a handy man, this year the season of goodwill is about to be tested.

I loved the mix of characters that we meet throughout the story, we have sensible single mum Lottie who is determined to help her aunt, even if that means coming out of her comfort zone and delving into the world of housekeeping.
The wonderfully quick witted Mabel, who lightens the mood and ignites the love within the story,
Then there’s Danny. the helpful taxi driver who takes cooking to a whole new level and the very handsy Hugo.

The truth is, the storyline instantly pulls you in but the characters and the festive feel make this story a magical CHRISTMAS read that will brighten those gloomy winter days.

One Hundred Christmas Proposals by Holly Martin


The eagerly anticipated follow-up to One Hundred Proposals.
If you thought Harry and Suzie’s life couldn’t get anymore sweepingly romantic than Harry asking her to marry him at the end of One Hundred Proposals – think again!

It’s Christmas in a snow-kissed London, and the.PerfectProposal.com have vowed to carry out one hundred proposals in December. No easy task at the best of times – made even more complicated by Harry and Suzie trying to plan their first Christmas and a visit from the dreaded in-laws. But one hundred deliciously Christmassy proposals later they find themselves asking if everything is still perfect in their own relationship….

Welcome back to the divinely warm world of One Hundred Proposals – with a sprinkling of pure, joyful, festive magic.

Have yourself a very merry Christmas indeed with Holly Martin’s Christmas novella.


Thank you to Holly Martin for sending me a copy to review.

My Thoughts:

Stop whatever you are doing…………
Harry and Suzie are back.

And along with them comes extra doses of romance, I mean big gushy swoon worthy proposals that will have you saying awww, whilst scribbling the idea in a notebook ready to hand out to Mr/Miss Right.

I’ve always thought I wouldn’t want a big proposal but with every proposal that Holly Martin describes I find myself falling for the romance of it all.

I love the idea of a flash mob proposal or a Harry Potter one, the truth is that Martin describes these events with so much love and romance that even the most cynical amongst us will start to believe in love.

As much as I loved One Hundred Proposals for bringing Harry and Suzie into my life, I find the magic of Christmas has made this novella a favourite with me. 
In fact before writing this review I have read it three times and the main reason for this is, that this is a book that really does lighten your mood and warm your heart

I didn’t think it was possible but I fell even more in love with the characters
Harry is as lovable as ever and it’s clear to see that he is head over heels in love with Suzie.
The couple are blissfully happy and with their happiness comes some incredible proposals.
The only downside of their job is that nearly all their time is spent planning proposals and now Suzie is starting to wonder if they will ever get round to planning their wedding.

Then to add to the pandemonium Christmas is looming, Harry is acting strange, Badger has an announcement and Suzie’s parents are planning a visit.

I loved the fact that we got to meet Suzie’s parents, (although we were introduced to them via phonecalls in One Hundred Proposals) they certainly leave a lasting impression.
I love her dad and the closeness that he and Suzie share.

This wonderful novella shares so much with us.
We have the incredible love story that is Harry and Suzie, the drama that is the visit from her parents and to top it all off we are also reunited with Badger and Jules.

Oh I do love Badger and Jules, I hope that we will get their story. I beg you Holly to write their story, the chance to discover more about them would be a real treat.
I also think Jules has the best way of coping with stress, anyone for more cake?

The truth is I could go on and on about this story but I need to remember it’s a novella and that you all will read it, because let’s face it, you would be silly not to. For this is a story full of happiness, magic and romance.

A true winter warmer!