Mistletoe on 34th Street by Lisa Dickenson 

Olivia has never experienced a snow-covered, ‘traditional’ Christmas before. Having grown up in a family that chose winter sun over decking the halls, she’s not sure what all the fuss is about. So when she and her colleagues are stranded in New York after a work trip, Olivia is perfectly happy spending the holiday season in the Big Apple.

Jon, Olivia’s friend, on the other hand is desperate to get home in time for his big family get-together. Nevertheless, determined to make the best out of the situation, he sets out to show Olivia how enchanting Christmas in New York can be. And when handsome New Yorker Elijah is added to the mix, could the magic of the season finally be working its charm on Olivia? As 25 December draws closer, Olivia suddenly finds herself with a decision to make: who does she really want to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas?

Full of romance and festive magic, Mistletoe on 34th Street is the funniest and most charming love story you will read this Christmas!

Mistletoe on 34th Street encapsulates the spirit of Christmas in one of the most festive stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. 

Olivia our main protagonist finds herself in New York over the festive period, but where others would find themselves sharing in the celebrations around them Olivia is numb to Christmas and the magic that surrounds it. That is until her friend Jon takes it up on himself to show her just what the magic of New York at Christmastime can do….

As with everything that Lisa Dickenson writes this story is both heartwarming and witty. In fact I defy anyone not to read this and laugh out loud! 

From the very first page I was pulled imagination first into a story that I never wanted to leave. Thanks to the descriptiveness that Dickenson writes with I found myself walking the streets of New York and longing to kiss Jon under the mistletoe. This book has made my need to visit New York even stronger. 

I adore the characters in this book and love the strong female characters that always feature within Dickenson’s novels, women who have strong friendships and don’t need a man to fulfill their dreams. To sum it up… this book has everything and you need it in your life! 


I Followed the Rules by Joanna Bolouri


Rule 1: Never ask him on a first date. Rule 2: Laugh admiringly at all his jokes. Rule 3: Always leave him wanting more.
… wtf?!

Have you heard of The Rules of Engagement? It’s a book that promises to teach you to find the man of your dreams in ten easy steps. Unsurprisingly, I don’t own a copy. What is it, 1892?

But I’m a journalist, and I’ve promised to follow it to the letter and write about the results. Nevermind that my friends think I’m insane, I’m stalking men all over town and can’t keep my mouth shut at the best of times.

My name is Cat Buchanan. I’m thirty-six years old and live with my daughter in Glasgow. I’ve been single for six years, but that’s about to change. After all, I’m on a deadline.

I Followed the Rules and this is what happened.

A big thank you to Alainna at Quercus for sending me a copy to review!

This is my second foray into the writings of Joanna Bolouri and it is clear to me that this woman is a freaking comedy genius!

I followed the Rules follows single mum Catriona as she sets about improving her love life and weekly column by following a self help guide.

Cat is one of those characters who you instantly love, she is easy to relate to and someone I would absolutely love to go drinking with.
I love how out spoken she is in particular towards the rules and there place in this era.

But whilst I love Cat, I LOVE Dylan. Now that’s a man I would follow the rules for. I could spend many a night dreaming about that man, he sounds HOT and COCKY which in my book is the perfect combination!
But don’t think that’s all Dylan is because this man has hidden depths.
I want you to meet him and love him but I also want to lock him in a cupboard and shout MINE, MINE, MINE!

This is a wonderful read that will leave you smiling and brighten any day!

Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 4) by Lisa Dickenson 


Just one week ago, Jess was safely tucked away in her quiet seaside home, running her cafe and not really doing much of anything. So what on earth has happened between then and now that has her stealing a superyacht from Cannes marina?

Leo. Leo happened.

Jess doesn’t want to believe what everybody is saying about him. He’s her Leo, with his lazy smile, soft kisses and firm hugs, and she knows he’s a good man. But she can’t deny that something isn’t quite right so she just needs some time to figure things out. All Jess did was fall in love with a boy who liked Nutella. How has it come to this?

 Part 4 

A huge thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts:

Out of these reviews this one has been the hardest to write, not only am I trying to work out what I can say about the fourth and final instalment of Catch Me If You Cannes without ruining the conclusion to this AMAZING series, but also because it feels like I’ve just said goodbye to friends.

Closing the pages on Jess, Bryony, Leo and Harvey was bittersweet, over the past 4 weeks I have laughed, loved and swooned with them and now it’s back to reality for us all as we leave Cannes. 
Thankfully Dickenson has made sure that all my questions were answered and I wasn’t left sobbing into my Nutella wondering what had happened, that being said I would absolutely love to be reunited with the gang for more excitement and sunshine.

I’ve said it all along but Jess and Bryony have a fantastic friendship, they are open with each other and there is no denying that they only want what’s best for each other.     

Yes admittedly sometimes their imaginations run away with them, but hands up whose doesn’t?  I’m often known to be living out the fantasies of books in my imagination and yes I’m not going to lie, I did believe I had spent the night with Leo on the superyacht.             In fact throughout this series, I have walked the red carpet, gambled at the casino, partied in the same place as celebrities and stolen a superyacht. 

This is because Dickenson has the ability to pull you into a story and make you feel like you are there living along with the characters.

Her words are not just descriptive but they are witty and filed with a warmth that radiates like the sunshine.

Every book leaves me longing for more and with no doubt that Lisa Dickenson belongs on my favourites list.

I can’t recommend this series enough! 


Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 3) by Lisa Dickenson


Things could not be going better between Jess and Leo. Every moment they spend together is lovely and sunkissed and full of anticipation. Jess hasn’t felt like this in a very long time and she doesn’t want it to end. Sure, Leo is a bit vague about certain areas of his life but that doesn’t mean anything . . . 

Suddenly Jess’s perfect holiday romance isn’t looking so great and she has a choice to make – should she ignore what Bryony is telling her and keep living the dream, or should she run the risk of losing Leo in order to prove her friend wrong?

 Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 3)

A huge thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts: 

After a week in Cannes Jess and Bryony are caught up in the atmosphere and potentially a few white lies, as Bryony embarks on a big interview, Jess finds herself getting closer to Leo and what she hopes is the truth…

Ok, so there is no doubt that the third part of Catch Me If You Cannes will leave you with your heart racing and your brain in overdrive.
What is the deal with Leo and Harvey? Who is Bruno? 
So many questions and only part four can bring me the answers.

I am still absolutely LOVING the friendship between Jess and Bryony. They are a great duo to read about and  definitely two people I would love to go drinking with.

Someone I wouldn’t like to go drinking with is Cameron (Jess’s brother) even a phonecall with him made me want to scream. I understand now more than ever why Jess wanted to have an adventure and escape her comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zones, I could happily imagine myself lazing on Leo’s superyacht, sipping cocktails and watching him walk around without a shirt on *daydreams* 
I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH! And so what if I don’t know everything about him, he likes Nutella and treats Jess right, isn’t that enough…

The truth is I am obsessed with this series, I crave every part with the eagerness and excitement of a celeb spotter at Cannes and I will be bereft when I reach that final paragraph! 

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The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) by Kate Winter


Falling in love is never simple especially when you’re dead. 

They say love as long as you live, but for Rosie Potter it’s death that brings surprising life affirmations. 

When Rosie Potter wakes up to discover that her hangover is slightly more serious than she could have anticipated and that she is, in fact, dead, the weirdness is just the beginning.

With her death shrouded in suspicious circumstances and several fingers pointing squarely at her poor, grieving boyfriend Jack, Rosie begins to piece together the events leading up to her untimely demise and solve the mystery of her own murder. Along the way, it turns out, there are many secrets and lies to unravel in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Least of all her darling boyfriend Jack, whose betrayal runs as deep as his fake tan.

Stuck in an ugly flannel PJ’s and aided by the unlikeliest of allies in the afterlife, Rosie’s investigation leads her to discover that life after death isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but love after death isn’t just possible – it’s inevitable.

 The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter

Thank you to Clara at Sphere for sending me a copy to review! 

My Thoughts:

Waking up with what seems the worst hangover ever, Rosie Potter is shocked to discover that she is in fact dead! 

With her bedroom in disarray and her memory in tatters all Rosie has to go on is the bullet shaped hole in her head…
As reality sinks in and Rosie searches for answers, she finds help in Charlie (her brothers best friend) 

The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) sounded like such a unique concept, the blurb alone left me desperate to read the book and I’m so glad that I did, for Kate Winter has created a book that is slightly dark but oh so fun! 

Rosie is such a funny character, despite just discovering she is dead she stills manages to have some fun in the afterlife and she really comes into her own when she discovers her haunting abilities. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it to be a great light hearted read and the soppy side of me loved the moments that Rosie and Charlie spent together.

Charlie is chivalrous and charismatic, everything you would want in that one person who can listen to you! 

A great read packed with humour, romance and intrigue! 


Catch Me If You Cannes (Part 2) by Lisa Dickenson 


Jess had been feeling on top of the world – she’d had the best night out with Bryony, making lots of fabulous new friends, and she’d MET A BOY! 

Now, all of a sudden, her carefully constructed (if slightly exaggerated) facade is about to come tumbling down. She’s had a taste of how the other half live and she’s not ready to give it up just yet – especially if it means also giving up Leo. But how long can Jess and Bryony continue pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes before they’re in too deep?

 Catch Me If You Cannes Part Two

A huge thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts:

With excitement I jumped imagination first  into Part Two of Catch Me If You Cannes.

In the second part of this summery read we follow the girls as they start to explore some more:

Jess finds herself in need of an emergency shopping trip with Richard, which means we get to know this fabulous stylist better and later on in the story,  Jess and Bryony find themselves spending the day with Leo and Harvey in Monaco.

I am absolutely LOVING this series, with every page I find myself longing to be in Cannes although with Dickenson’s descriptiveness you feel as though you have stepped right into the pages and can almost touch the scenery.

I am also LOVING Leo, in fact I wouldn’t mind being left alone with him and a jar of Nutella (for nutritional value of course). 
In this part I found myself seeing more to him as he exposed his vulnerable side whilst on a date with Jess, this was the moment my lust developed into LOVE!

Ok, it’s a love fest in here because I’m also LOVING the sparks flying off of Bryony and Harvey, those two need to get a room!
This pairing provide some fantastic one liners and share in lots of banter.

(Sorry going to do it again) 

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the references to Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and old Hollywood. There is no denying that Jess idolises this film era and tries to channel these iconic beauties.

I want to gush on and on about it but why waste time reading a looooooong review when you could be reading this amazing book.
Buy it. Read it. LOVE IT! 

I don’t tend to quote books in my reviews but I felt like this spoke to me…

“In that I haven’t been making the most of what lies beyond my lovely little life. And suddenly I thought, what am I waiting for? Let’s get out there and have some adventure”

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Catch Me If You Cannes (Part One) by Lisa Dickenson


Jess has decided it’s time to get out of her comfort zone and live a little. So when her best friend Bryony, a journalist on a gossip magazine, is sent to cover the Cannes Film Festival, Jess decides to seize the day and go along for the ride. Two weeks of glitz, glamour and exclusive entry into celeb-filled parties is just the kind of adventure Jess needs.


Reality soon bites though when Jess and Bryony find they’re staying in a dingy hotel far away from all the action and Bryony’s expenses budget barely covers a glass of local wine. Undeterred, the two women are determined to live like the elite and enjoy one fancy night out to begin their holiday. So what if they have to tell a few white lies along the way? It’s just this once. No harm done . . . right?


Full of hilarious one-liners, sparkling blue seas and plenty of romantic moments, Catch Me If You Cannes is the story of two friends, a few white lies and one extremely delicious man. WARNING: reading Catch Me If You Cannes may result in embarrassing outbursts of belly-aching laughter on public transport.

 Catch Me If You Cannes 

A huge thank you to Clara at Little Brown for sending me a copy to review!

My Thoughts:

Let’s be honest now, I always expect belly laughs and cheesy grins when reading anything by Lisa Dickenson, but with every story i find myself left in awe of her ability to make me fall in love, not just with her characters but their surroundings! 

Catch Me If You Cannes is the suntastic new story from Dickenson, told in four parts this series is set to be one of the BEST reads this summer. 
The story follows best friends Jess and Bryony throughout their holiday/work assignment in Cannes. 

As a journalist Bryony has been sent to the film festival to dig up anything that’s worthy of her scandal loving boss and lucky for her, best friend Jess wanted to get away from her life as a cafe owner and eagerly offered to accompany her.

The first part of the story sees the duo arrive in Cannes and as Bryony heads off on assignment, Jess finds herself eating Crepes with a very handsome stranger, one who seems to connect with her and allow her to smile again.
This is the start of what proves to be an hilarious read, as the girls meet new friends and find themselves caught in a few white lies….

Which leaves me desperate to know, what will happen in part two!

Jess and Bryony are fantastic characters, their friendship is one that many would long for. The girls have grown up together and although they now live in different cities, it is obvious their friendship is strong.
I love how different they are but also how these differences compliment each other.

I absolutely love Jess and her Marilyn Monroe obsession (something I can relate to), I am eager to discover more about her and hope that she gets to see more of the luscious Leo again, I mean any man who encourages you to eat Nutella is a winner in my eyes! 

Speaking of winning, I have a feeling that the girls may have hit the jackpot with their news friends, Richard and Co definitely seem like a fun crowd to party with.

Sunshine, humour and laughter aplenty, Catch Me if You Cannes is a true feel good read that will leave you smiling! 

Join me on May 12th when I will be reviewing the second part of Catch Me If You Cannes


The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood 


‘Jessica Beam is a girl who knows how to party. Only lately she’s been forgetting to turn up for work on time. Or in clean clothes. Down on her luck, out of a job and homeless, Jess seeks the help of her long-lost grandmother.

Things aren’t going well for Matilda Beam, either. Her 1950s Good Woman guide books are out of print, her mortgage repayments are staggering and her granddaughter wears neon Wonderbras.

When a lifeline from a London publisher arrives, the pair have an opportunity to secure the roof over their heads – by invigorating the Good Woman guides and transforming modern, rebellious Jess into a demure vintage lady.

The true test of their make-over will be to capture the heart of notorious London playboy Leo Frost and prove that Matilda’s guides still work. It’s going to take commitment, nerves of steel and one seriously pointy bra to pull this off . . .’


 The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance

A big thank you to Lucie at Pan for sending me a copy to review! 

My Thoughts:

Move over Bridget Jones, there’s a new sassy singleton in town and she loves Pear Cider!

Jessica Beam; blogger and party goer, lives by one rule ‘don’t let the emotions get involved’ 

A rule that’s served her well for the past ten years but now Jess finds herself homeless and jobless thanks to ‘best friend’ Summer.
But then an alcohol fuelled epiphany leads Jess to knock on her grandmothers door and that’s when the fun begins. 

Matilda Beam isn’t just Jess’s grandmother, she was once a very successful author of many ‘Good Woman’ guides and now with finances tight she finds herself desperate for them to be reprinted. But how can she prove the guides would still work in the modern era?

Take one modern granddaughter, one arrogant eligible bachelor and make him fall in love with her….

I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK! If we were going to compare my love of this book to something else, I would say I love it more than WINE! Which ladies and gentleman is A LOT!

Jessica is a fantastic character, I found her easy to relate to, despite there being times when I wanted to shake her and make her open her eyes. The wonderful thing with Jessica is that at one point or another every reader will say ‘I’m Jessica Beam’  
It was incredibly refreshing to discover such a strong female protagonist.

Then we have Peach, Matilda’s live in assistant. Desperate for friendship, Peach is ecstatic to have Jess comes to stay, she always wanted a best friend like in the movies and Nows her chance. 
I loved the vulnerability that Peach shows and really enjoyed the friendship that formed between her and Jess.

Greenwood doesn’t just spoil us with great female characters, she’s thrown in a couple of HOT men too.

One of whom happens to be Leo Frost, the man who must fall in love with Jess. 
But Leo may start off as an arrogant jerk, soon starts to show a deeper side to his character and before you can say yo-yo knickers, you find you love him.

In fact I am that in love with Leo I’m even contemplating giving the ‘Good Woman’ dating tips ago, *goes off in search of vintage gloves* 

Greenwood has yet again created a story that will have you laughing out loud, smiling uncontrollably and bereft when you reach the last page! 

Don’t Tell the Brides To-Be by Anna Bell


Things are looking up for Penny Robinson. She’s kicked her gambling addiction and even started her own business: Princess on a Shoestring, an all-inclusive service for brides-to-be looking to pinch pennies on their big day.

Between family rows and wardrobe calamities, wedding planning is no piece of cake… but Penny’s got it all under control. That is, until a rival planner decides to take her down – one hard-won bride at a time.

Now Penny must fight to save her reputation and her livelihood before its too late. But when a romantic weekend away has some unexpected consequences, Penny’s expectations for her career are brought back down to earth with a bump.


Thank you to Jess at Quercus for sending me a copy to review. 

 My Thoughts: 

Don’t Tell The Brides To-Be reunites us with Penny Robinson, only this time Penny is launching her own business, Princess on a Shoestring. 

If you’ve followed Penny’s story in Anna Bell’s two previous books, you will be aware that Penny’s life doesn’t always run as smoothly as she would like.
But don’t worry if you haven’t read this series before, because thanks to Anna Bell’s handy recaps you can easily read this as a standalone (although I would highly recommend the rest of the series) 

Penny is a character that I’ve always found easy to relate to, she procrastinates and daydreams, which is probably why she finds herself caught up in awkward situations. But she is also a lovely person who will do anything to make someone smile and brighten up their day.
Her relationship with husband Mark is in a great place and it was wonderful to be reunited with them both, they really are one of those couples that I will always root for. 

Despite loving, having them back in my life, it was and always has been, Nanny Violet who stole my heart. It was incredible and emotional to see how her life changes within this story.
She has always been one of those characters who offers not just love but the voice of reason.

Although it wasn’t always lovely characters within the pages, Georgina is a nasty piece of work and from her very first introduction, I hated this character.
But don’t we all love to hate a baddie! 

This is a wonderful read that will give many women, wedding envy. For Bell has created some truly amazing sounding weddings and with the descriptiveness of her writing, it is almost as though you can taste the wedding cake.

A page turning read, with truly lovable characters!

Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella


Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is in Hollywood! It’s as if all her life has been leading to this moment. She’s hanging out with the stars … or at least she will be, when she finally gets to meet movie superstar Sage Seymour, whom husband Luke is now managing.

There’s so much to see and do! And getting Minnie through the hurdles for her A-list Hollywood pre-school will require some…er…help.

Becky sets her heart on a new career – she’s going to be a celebrity stylist. Red carpet, here she comes! But Becky soon finds it’s tough in Tinseltown. Luckily her best friend Suze comes over to keep her company, and together they embark on the Hollywood insider trail. But somehow…things aren’t quite working out as they’d hoped.

Then Becky’s big chance comes, and it’s an opportunity that money can’t buy. But will it cost her too much?


Thank you Bantam Press for sending me a copy to review.

My Thoughts;

Being reunited with Becky Brandon is always a treat, the way in which Becky manages to justify any purchase never fails to make me smile.
But this time Becky is let loose in Hollywood, that’s right ladies and gents, she’s that close to Rodeo Drive even her credit card is twitching at the thought.

There’s something about Becky that I can’t help but love, yes she can be selfish and spoilt but deep down she always wants to do the right thing.
With Shopaholic to the Stars, you get to experience therapy Bloomwood/Brandon style, see another side to Tarquin and discover an ending that will leave you open mouthed and slightly frustrated.

For me it was like being reunited with old friends and I suppose in away that’s what they’ve become, it felt right to have Becky, Luke, Suze and the gang back in my life.
Only this time they were accompanied by extra glitz and glam, as well as Hollywood rules and the paparazzi that goes along with the A list lifestyle.

Suze has always been a favourite character of mine and I don’t think that will ever change, but I have to admit Minnie did outshine some of the pages, I loved how she has taken to the LA lifestyle in a way that Becky herself had wanted.

I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this book but as always I found myself looking forward to the letters, since the very first book I’ve loved the letters that Becky receives, they have always left me intrigued as to what Becky has asked to warrant such a response.

Kinsella does not disappoint and although the ending leaves you at a cliffhanger, at least you know BECKY WILL BE BACK!