Review Policy

I am happy to receive books from publishers and authors. However, I am now no longer accepting self-published books. My time has become more limited with my current commitments in life and I’m very sorry but at this time I am unable to dedicate the appropriate time to self-published work.
Please note until further notice I am unable to review e-books

If I have worked with you before, however, and you are self published then I would be willing to review your other titles.

I aim to review books within a month of receiving them, if however work or holiday commitments get in the way I will endeavour to let you know and get them reviewed as soon as possible.

I enjoy chick lit, women’s fiction, Romance and YA/NA.

I will be open and honest with my reviews.

Reviews will also be posted to Amazon and a rating will be added under the Amazon guidelines.


5 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hello! I’d love to arrange for a review of my book or for an interview with you. My holiday novel, The Long Dance Home, is available in print and electronically. Reader reviews have been great, calling my story “sweet, funny, and romantic.” You can read the first few chapters on my website or on Amazon. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much! Julie

  2. Dear Kirsty,
    I don’t want to duplicate my hard-working publicist’s efforts but am a great fan of your blog and thought I’d get in touch directly. Briefly I’m the author of The Shogun’s Queen, a prequel to The Last Concubine and a hopefully gripping and moving historical romance set in Japan. Would love for you to read it and would be thrilled if you’d like to review it. I’m also happy to write a guest post or answer questions, whatever you fancy. My previous books include Geisha: The Secret History of A Vanishing World and Madame Sadayakko.
    The Shogun’s Queen comes out on November 3rd. Will try and attach the press release. Do let me know if there’s anything more you’d like to know – a synopsis, for example? If you’d like a copy do please let me know and I will ask my publicist, Hannah Bright – – to send you one. Much look forward to hearing from you!
    All best,

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